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From 300+ Customer Reviews
I saw drastic change within the first week. This company is going places. 🚀
Former Client
Before using Empower I just couldn’t get my act together - Life was a total mess. After Empower worked with me, it was a full 180. 💪🏽💪🏽
Cameron Ford
Former Client
I built my entire future with Empower. They worked with me hand in hand to get my life back on track. Couldn't reccomend them more.
Katherine Headley
Former Client
Empower has changed the way I view treatment. ✌️
Alice Henderson
Former Client
Not only does Empower deliver on all of its promises, it goes above and beyond customer service.
Luke Rielly
Former Client
At first I was skeptical since every other treatment agency had let me down. Finally I found Empower and it changed everything.
Former Client
I won’t mince words, Empower is 100% legit. My journey was completely about me. Not just the same old stuff. GET INTO IT.
Former Client
They helped me to get into early job placement while I was in treatment. Now that's a bag. 💰
Sam P.
Former Client
Couldn’t be happier with the services rendered by the Empower team.
Sally V.
Former Client
“Breath of fresh air in treatment”
“Literally saved my life”
“Treatment doesn't come better”

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