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Empowering the Appalachian spirit of tenacity, and perserverance

Our vision is to empower a future that responds to addiction and mental health challenges with compassionate, connective, and universally accessible treatment.

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A Proudly Appalachian Recovery Organization

Empower Treatment is a social enterprise empowering Ohioans living with the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders. We are a distributed team working in solidarity, breaking down barriers to evidence-based services, and providing the tools people need to lead a self-directed life. Every member of our team is paid a living wage, together as a collective we donate 10% of our net proceeds to reinvest back into the communities our clients call home.

Our organization was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, realizing the urgent need for accessible behavioral health services and local grassroots collaboration. Wherever we serve, we hire local and specifically target areas of Ohio with serious disparities to behavioral health resources. We are here to support local individuals and organizations in leveling the playing field. We dream of an Ohio where no matter where someone chooses to call home- Northern, Central, or Appalachian Ohio- they have full access to free, equitable, evidence -based, and harm reduction-driven services.

Our mission is to empower community members living with addiction through means of accessible, compassionate, and individualized behavioral health treatment, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our vision is to empower a future that responds to addiction with compassionate, connective, and universally accessible treatment.

We believe that truly addressing the issues our clients are facing means supporting them in other areas like sober living and transitional housing, job support and placement, community integration, legal advocacy, and more. The data is clear- providing someone with integrated, holistic behavioral health services saves lives and saves the taxpayer money by relieving our already overburdened systems like jails, courts, emergency departments, and hospitals. Our work is driven to support both the individual client and the local Ohio community they live in.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Trauma-Informed Care

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2. Harm Reduction

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3. Low Barrier

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Lucasville, Ohio

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